Artem Semenenko was born in Kiev, Ukraine on April 6, 1997. He studied and lived in several parts of the world – such as his native Kiev, Moscow, the French Riviera where Artem lived during 7 years. Since July 2015, he is based in Paris and is a student at Moda Domani Institute.

     His move to France enhanced Artem’s passion for fashion and helped his taste develop and grow on a daily basis. He possesses a unique approach on his personal style by mixing pieces with resonant names, antique treasures, without dismissing from mind his traditional Ukrainian routes. Artem’s interest in fashion equally includes the works of avant-garde authors, the masters of craftsmanship, new born names who want to deliver a message.

     In March 2015, the brain-storming of a possible creation of Semenenko’s own space on the worldwide web began. As discussions became more and more serious, Artem Semenenko started to set up his team, members of which, contribute to this day. Artem’s personal website was officially launched in January 2016. Since February 2017, has began to expand in Russian due to a high demand of readers and followers from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

     Artem Semenenko is a traveller. Been in 29 countries, he claims that he has so many places to discover in the future. Fluent in 4 languages and with a precise approach on fashion and personal style, he shares his eyesights, perceptions and delivers entertainment to thousands of readers.